Custom Plantation Shutters

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Frame Profiles

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  1. Louver Sizes-2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 inch louvers
  2. Frame Mount Style-Inside Mount or Outside Mount Shutters
  3. Frame profile-C322, Flat Z Frame, Colonial Z Frame, Deco Outside Mount, L frame
  4. Tilt Option-Hidden Tilt or Standard Tilt
  5. Tilt Functionality-Solid Tilt, Split Tilt, or Divider Rails
  6. Panel Configuration-single panels, double panels, or more. 
  7. Paint/Stain Colors

​Louver Sizes

Frame Mount Style

​What are my options with custom plantation shutters?

Frame mount style is another option you as the consumer has when choosing plantation shutters. In some instances only one option is available and that will be discussed during your consultation. The first photo is of a Flat Z (farmhouse shutter) look. This shutter is inside mounted with an exterior trim moulding. This mount style is a very sleek, modern looking shutter. However, if your windows tilt in, it does not allow for that function to be operated fully. 

The center photo is of an outside mount deco framed shutter. These shutters sit on the outside of the window opening over the top of the sheetrock. Nothing wraps around the inside of the window, therefore they allow for windows that tilt in to fully open with the shutter installed.

The bottom picture is of an inside mount L frame shutter. These applies when your windows are already cased and trimmed out. We then fit our shutter into the opening to where it looks like the shutter was built into the window originally. The shutter is caulked to your existing casing. With this type of shutter mount, your windows will not be able to tilt in.  

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You as a consumer have 3 louver size options to choose from for your plantation shutters. These are:

2.5" Louver

3.5" Louver

4.5" Louver

Things to consider when choosing a louver size for your custom plantation shutter is the amount of light and view that you are wanting to obtain with your shutters. The smaller the louver, the less light and view you will achieve. The larger the louver the more light and view you will have. 

Also consider the height of your windows as well as the height of your ceilings. This plays a huge role in whether or not the shutter you choose is going to look proportionately to the home. Most new homes have 12ft ceilings and 8 foot windows, the 4.5 louver looks the best in this case. Homes that were built 20-30 years ago look best with the 3.5" louver as they typically have 8 ft ceilings and 5ft tall windows. 

With out frame profiles, our intent is to match the trim that in is the home. We have a few different inside mount Z frame trim options as well as a couple of outside mount options. Keep in mind with inside mount options, you lose partial functionality of the tilt in windows. 

That being said, losing some functionality of the tilt in windows is not a huge problem. The idea behind tilt in windows for the bottom portion, is for you to be able to clean the bottom section of the window from the inside of the home. However, you are still in need of going outside to clean the top portion. In this regard, you might as well clean both the top and bottom sections of window at the same time outside. The screen is still removable from the inside with an inside mount shutter frame. 

The first photo shows a very elegant eyebrow arch shutter. This shutter is a standard tilt Z frame shutter with a moulding we call C322. This shutter has 4.5 inch louvers. This is an inside mount shutter. 

The second photo is of some outside mount Deco framed hidden tilt shutters. These are also 4.5 inch louvered shutters. This moulding sits on the outside of the sheetrock and allows the windows to tilt in. 

The third picture is one of our new more popular trims. This is a modern farmhouse Flat Z frame which is also inside mount. It sits flush with the window with the normal thickness of a door casing. These shutter panels are a 4.5 inch louver with standard tilt.