Basswood is the ultimate choice for hardwood shutters due to its straight and uniform texture. Its beautiful and even grain makes it the best for both painted and stained shutters. As a hardwood, it is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to moisture.

The characteristics of Basswood make it the luxury choice for plantation shutters. It is lighter than composite wood shutters or poly shutters, ensuring that it will not warp of twist due to moisture in the air. Basswood has been used in the manufacturing of shutters for over 40 years and there is a reason why. It is known to stand the test of time. This is the reason we are able to offer an ironclad lifetime warranty on our products. It was not until recent history that shutter manufacturers started looking at other species of wood to manufacture shutters in order to make a cheaper shutter. There is no shortcut to a quality plantation shutter. 

​Photos of Our Custom Arched Shutters

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Outside Mount Arched Shutters


Arched windows are a gorgeous architectural design element for any home. Many people love the extra light that is obtained from the arched windows. However, we live in Texas and many times the heat that comes through the arched opening is just too much to handle. Our custom plantation shutters for arches are the perfect solution for controlling the amount of light and heat that comes through the windows. 

Our shutters that are manufactured in Decatur, TX are the absolute best window treatment that adds so much functionality to your window coverings. 

There are many benefits to consider when purchasing plantation shutters which include light control, privacy, energy efficiency, noise reduction and elegance. 

These plantation shutters are the only window treatment that truly adds value to your home. 

Transom Arch Shutters

Many people stress about the fact that they have curved windows in the home and need to cover them. This is because most companies charge an outrageous price to cover them. Because we handle every aspect of the construction of a custom arch shutter, we do not have extra costs associated in constructing an arch. Arches do cost a tad more than rectangular shutters, due to the simple fact that it takes longer to manufacture and there is more custom work that has to be done. 

Our shutters are made from 100% basswood that is a solid piece of wood. Our shutters are not laminated, pieced together shutters. 

Our shutters are not cookie cutter shutters that just come in a couple styles, sizes, an colors. We custom build all our plantation shutters here in Decatur, TX. 

​Cost Effective Arched Window Shutters

Arched Plantation Shutters in Dallas/Fort Worth​

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Many of you have seen the sunburst shutter look for transom arch windows like the photo to the left. The style of arched shutter in this picture is the most popular design for an arch window. This allows the louvers to be operated as a normal shutter without having to individually move each slat. These panels are magneted into place allowing them to easily be removed for cleaning. 

These shutters are inside mount casing that matches the door casings that are existing in the home. We match the shutters to the trim that you currently have in your home to the best of our ability. 

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There are many different types of arched windows. There are windows that are a full circle, a half circle, a half circle with a rectangular part at the bottom, eyebrow shutters and as the photo on the right shows, multiple windows that create one radius. We can do it all. There is not an arched window that we are not able to make an arched shutter for. For the more complex arched shutters, we will come out and make a template of the window in order to exactly scribe the arch. ​

In the photo to the right are shutters that are outside mounted. These outside mount shutters allow for the windows to fully tilt in. This profile creates a framed out trim around the outside of your sheetrock opening. 

Custom Plantation Shutters

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