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Poly Shutters

Plantation shutters for the bathroom create elegance and ​privacy in your bathroom

Our shutters are made from 100% North American Basswood and is perfectly suited for bathrooms such as the photo to the left. While other companies that use an inferior shutter material recommend against putting a wood shutter in the bathroom, we highly recommend it. Cheaper materials such as mdf, pvc, laminated wood, and composite shutters will not hold up to the humidity and moisture in a bathroom, premium basswood shutters will. 

Our basswood shutters will not warp, twist, crack, peel or have any defects while being inside of a bathroom. The only time we recommend a poly shutter, which we manufacture for this purpose only, is when the window is completely in the shower and will be exposed to water constantly. 

Curtains and blinds can also be used in bathroom situations, however they will not hold up and last for years in a high moisture environment. 

Our shutters are a lifetime product that is guaranteed to last for decades. 

View our gallery of some of our bathroom window installations!

As a premium manufacturer of custom plantation shutters, we use basswood for 99.9% of our shutters. However, in some instances poly is the only solution to a long lasting window covering. 

In the photo to the right, this window is completely located inside a shower. This shutter will be wet every time the shower is used and therefore basswood would not be ideal. This is the one and only time we recommend poly shutters. 

However, some customers are adamant that they want poly shutters for the entire home, we do not recommend it. We will however accomodate their request and build all shutters from poly. Just note, this is not the premier window shutter material. Poly was sold on the fact that it doesnt warp, crack, peel, or yellow but now that they product has been in the market for 20+ years, we have seen it do nothing but warp, crack, peel and yellow. Poly when exposed to extreme Texas heat can also start to melt and disfigure. This is the reason we use 100% North American basswood for our premium interior shutters.