Custom Plantation Shutters

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Our DFW Shutters Factory Team

Over the past 18 years, we have assembled a tight-knit work family in our DFW Shutters factory,  where we manufacture all the shutters that are eventually installed into your home. Measurements are uploaded to the factory from the sales representative and from there the magic happens.

After that, cut lists are made and given to the various team members to begin construction on your custom shutters. All components are cut and frames are assembled. All panel components then have all necessary holes drilled and fabrication completed to be able to assemble the shutters.  

Once assembled, the shutters are sanded and prepped for paint by our sanding department. Any bump or scratch is sanded and repaired and then goes into the paint booth to be sprayed.  

Once the paint is cured, we then put the hardware on the shutters and the shutters are then staged to be installed. 

After the louvers, stiles, and rails have all been processed, it is now time to assemble the panels. Each panel is glued up and the louvers are installed into the frame of the panel. We allow ample time for the glue to cure before removing clamps to ensure a strong and sturdy shutter. 

Our Arch Department is where our most skilled craftsman are found. Arched shutters are the best solution for any of your arched windows in your home. Nothing else looks correct and is made to fit. We have moulding machines that match the profile of the shutter trim for all of our shutters. 

Next, the shutters are taken to the sanding department before they are sent to paint. This is one of the most crucial steps in the process of shutter manufacturing. 

As the louvers are being processed in the louver department, the stiles and rails are also being processed. Each hole and dowel is perfectly spaced in order for the shutter to function properly. 

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In the photo to the left, you will see your shutters in the beginning stages. All our lumber is milled into 8ft-12ft lengths and then is cut to the correct dimensions for your custom shutter job. Each louver is inspected for major defects and we make sure that only the highest of quality lumber is put into your shutter. 

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Once the louvers are cut to size, they are then sent to our louver processing table. Here, the louvers are lined up so that they all fit and close tightly together. The pivot holes are drilled and the pins are put into each louver. From there they are either assembled or put onto a tilt rod, depending on the type of shutter we are manufacturing whether it be standard front tilt or rear hidden tilt shutter.