Serving All the DFW Metroplex Area


Knotty Alder/Clear Alder Shutters

​Alder shutters are a perfect choice where a rustic look is desired. Knotty alder will have knots and the clear alder will be mostly free of all knots in the wood.

Stained Basswood Shutters

​We custom match stain to any color of your choosing. Basswood is a very even, consistent grain for staining. It is not like oak, where the grain shows different colors.

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​Contemporary Style Plantation Shutters

​The contemporary style plantation shutter feature a "hidden tilt rod" which is operated by a rear louver control. This allows an unobstructed view without the standard tilt rod in the center. 

Poly Plantation Shutters

​Our poly shutters are made from a pvc material and is used in wet areas. It is perfect for inside a shower or over a bathtub. There are size limitations to the poly shutter.

Traditional Plantation Shutters

​Our standard plantation shutters are the most common shutter purchased in the industry. It comes in 2.5", 3.5" and 4.5" louver sizes. You choose the paint and hardware color as well as the frame style.

​Arched Shutters

​Our arch shutters are custom fabricated in our shop to cover any shape that you have. This style features the louvers continuing into the arch just like a rectangular shutter does.